Quantitative Optical Imaging

Course description

Quantitative Optical Imaging explores the fundamentals of optical imaging in biology, especially molecular and cellular biology. Covered topics include an introduction to optics and microscopes, fluorescence microscopy and image analysis, and biological applications. MATLAB will be taught at the beginning of the course and used throughout for image processing. Prior experience with MATLAB (or Python) is highly recommended but not required.

Additional details

This course is co-taught by Joe Dragavon and myself. It is available for students in Biochemistry and MCD Biology, as either an undergraduate course (BCHM/MCDB 4312) or a graduate course (BCHM/MCDB 5312). The graduate version requires students to present a journal club.

If you have questions about the course, please feel free to contact me.

Previous course materials

I teach the image analysis portion of the course. Some of the materials from my previous lectures are listed here.

Some recordings are also available on YouTube: