Systems and methods of grueneisen-relaxation photoacoustic microscopy and photoacoustic wavefront shaping

Lihong Wang, Lidai Wang, Chi Zhang, Puxiang Lai, and Jian Wei Tay

Published: May 28, 2015


Systems and methods for focusing a light pulse within a focus area using nonlinear photoacoustic wavefront shaping (PAWS) are disclosed herein. The method includes modulating a spatial phase pattern of a light pulse’s waveform based on a Grueneisen-relaxation photoacoustic (GR-PA) feedback signal. In addition, systems and methods for performing Grueneisen-relaxation photoacoustic microscopy (GR-PAM) are disclosed herein that include analyzing photoacoustic signals resulting from illumination of a focus region by two closely spaced light pulses. A method of obtaining an absorption coefficient of a sample using Grueneisen-relaxation photoacoustic microscopy (GR-PAM) is also disclosed.